Teachers & Staff

Brian Rentzsch - Principal, Algebra 2

Erin Eggleston - Office Manager

Kate Kinser - Office Manager, 7th grade Math, Algebra 1, Personal Finance, Health

Danielle Armour - K4/Aftercare

Brandie Adams - Instructional Aide

Susan Yother - Instructional Aide

Julie Tran - Kindergarten

Caroline Dodson - 1st grade

Emma Garland - 2nd grade

Kayla Green - 3rd grade

Karen Blakney - 4th grade

Jalena Cruse - 5th & 6th grade English, Writing, Reading

Dawn Gardner - Art, 5th & 6th grade Science, Elementary Bible

Megan Hoover - 5th-8th grade History & Bible

Jackson Gravitt - 8th grade Math, HS Bible

Lorelei Dreibelbis - 5th & 6th grade Math, Elementary & MS Theater Arts

Stephanie Wood - 7th - 12th grade Science

Adam Parrott - HS Social Studies, Elementary PE

Julie Dillard - 7th/8th grade Writing, 9th grade English

JJ Lanham - 7th/8th grade English

Bernie Belisle - 10th & 11th grade English/Communication Skills

Laura Mann - 11th grade Composition & Rhetoric

Jon Green -  Geometry

Jerri Morgan - MS and HS PE

Laura Neff - Music

Carolina Castro - High School Spanish

Elaine Robbins - Elementary/MS Spanish

Student/Teacher Login

  • When I think of RCA I think of a safe school where all the teachers are caring and know you by your first name. — RCA Parent Read more
  • Great environment & fun — RCA Student Read more
  • Spiritual embodiment within the education — RCA Student Read more
  • A good atmosphere — RCA Student Read more
  • Teachers that teach with purpose and truly care about their students — RCA Student Read more
  • Good Christ-centered education — RCA Student Read more
  • RCA brings to my mind thoughts of grace, love and family. My family has been blessed to meet and know other families that attended before our kids enrolled. By His grace, we learned of the school and the wonderful environment it was. The love that is poured out for the kids, and by the kids, is amazing. Being a part of RCA is truly like being a part of a family. I feel that my child is treated not just as a student, but a part of a family, part of the Body of Christ. Knowing the love, care and instruction that he receives is a true blessing. — RCA Parent Read more
  • Striving for excellence in a God fearing environment. — RCA Parent Read more
  • God blessed beyond our imagination. — RCA Parent Read more
  • I feel that my family has a partnership with RCA. — RCA Parent Read more
  • RCA is helpful and the people are caring. RCA is a great place to learn about God, gain knowledge and has a great curriculum. RCA is fun! I love laughing with all my friends I’ve made. — RCA Student Read more
  • RCA is a very friendly environment. I like RCA because many kids were mean to me at my last school, but here everyone just welcomed me and made me feel happy. — RCA Student Read more
  • The Bible is a place of needed learning, and RCA is based on it. — RCA Student Read more
  • Excellent education in a Christ-centered environment — RCA Parent Read more
  • Christian Compassion, Excellence in Education — RCA Parent Read more
  • Our son has had the best teachers in Rhea co. both academically and as people. RCA just works because the teachers care! — RCA Parent Read more
  • Family friendly — RCA Parent Read more
  • Parent involvement encouraged — RCA Parent Read more
  • Faculty and staff showing Christ's love in action — RCA Parent Read more
  • Small teacher to student ratio — RCA Parent Read more